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10 Best Alien Of Tennyson In All Seasons

 10 Powerful Aliens Of Ben Tennyson In All Ages

10 Best Alien Of Tennyson In All Seasons


Ben 10 has a large number of aliens and they are divided accordingly in different series and dimensions like Ben 10 (2005-2008), Ben 10: Ultimate alien (2010-2012), Ben 10:Omniverse (2012-2014), Ben 10 (2016-2021). So its a very difficult task to find out whom we can put in the list of best 10 aliens. But unbiasedly 10 best aliens has been chosen according to their powers, abilities and skills.


He has the DNA sample of Petrosapien species and his home world is Petropia. He has crystalline humanoid body with silicon based form which is made of super hard, green diamond material. He has sharp throne like head and two fragments on his shoulders and four on his back.

Initially he wore a uniform of white colour on left half and black on its right half with omnitrix symbol on hus lest chest side. Diamondhead has wore a yellow raincoat in Back with a Vengeance.

Diamondhead has green eyes sometimes yellow,his jaw is large, he wears black shoes with green at bottom. He has wide forearms and looks shiny.


He has DBA sample of Vaxasaurian species and his home world is Terradino. He looks like a dinosaur and is about 12 feet talk, he has stiff skin which is brown in colour and his stomach portion is of beige colour.

He has omnitrix symbol on center of his chest. Humungousaur wears black shorts with waistband of white colour with belt across his chest green in colour and has omnitrix symbol on his right shoulder in Omniverse. He has big jaw and big chin with green eyes, it seems that he does not have nose. He has muscular body with tail and black nails of his limbs.

He has strong tail with great strength, durability. He is heat resistance, enhanced reflexes with great speed. He has loud roar, can create earthquake, strong teeth. He was first seen in Ben 10 returns: Part 2. He is weak against electricity. He cannot hide himself from enemies because of his big body. He cannot breathe or swim underwater.

03. ALIEN X-

He has DNA sample of Celestialsapien and belongs to Forge of creation. He is humanoid alien whose whole body structure is black solid, except his hands which are white coloured. He has small stars like spots on his whole body. He has green eyes and no pupils, he has three horns like fragments on his forehead.

In Omniverse, he is totally same but slightly changed. He has bigger chin and muscular body, his horns are now smaller and his body which contains stars is now more brighter. He also wears Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

He has three personalities-

BEN, the 'voice of reason', BELLICUS, the 'voice of anger, wrath and agression' and SERENA,the 'voice of love and compassion'. These voices combine up to form his main voice otherwise he remains silent. He can only do work only when all these three voices are agreed to do so.

He can do anything and can create or recreate an entire universe. He has superpowers and very well at hand to hand combat. He cannot do any task until his all personalities are not agreed to do so. Mainly Serena and Bellicus are fighting on their past issues.


He has a DNA sample of Pyronite and belongs to Pyros. He is a plasma based life form whose body is made of super hot inner plasma and body coveres with red and brown rocks of volcano. His body radiates high amount of heat. His feets looks like rinch with two toes. He is totally made up of fire. When he comes under cold situations his flames turn blue.

He wears a yellow raincoat in 'Back with a Vengeance'.

In ultimate alien he is taller, his eyesand face are similar to the classic one. His eyes are not connected to his head and fire. The colours of rocks becomes darker.

In Omniverse he looks same as Ultimate alien he is muscular and his face design is different. He is Ben's most versatile alien. He can produce intense heat and fire. He can create fure of any shape. He is cold resistance and ice proof. If exposed to water his fire extinguishes. His fire can become out of control.


He has DNA sample of Tetramand species and belongs to Khoros. He is a humanoid alien and is 12 feet tall, he is muscular and has four arms each has four fingers. A black goes from lower lip to his chin and has four eyes all green in colour.

In classic series he wears a white T-shirt with black lines and black trousers with bikers gloves and has omnitrix symbol on left shoulder, he is bald.

In ultimate alien he is 16 years old and wore gold wrist and ankle bands, he wears black underwear with its rubber portion golden, with two cross of gold across his chest, eyes are green and has pony tail and omnitrix symbol on hia chest.

In The Forge of Creation, he was 10 years old but seems similar to the original series except Omnitrix symbol is of green colour.

In omniverse he is 11 years old and looks same as 10 years old in Ultimate alien. His skin has light tone with muscular body.

Kevin when turns into four arms is similar as Ben but has not omnitrix symbol.

When Gwen becomes four arms she had dark skin, hair and clothes and doesn't has black stripes. She also has omnitrix symbol on her left shoulder.

He has enhanced strength and can fight hard. He is Ben's strongest alien in original series. He is physically too much strong. He can pick up anything and throw it away. He can create strong shockwaves by clapping. He can jump high several times, he can climb on walls, and is heat and fire resistant. His big size make him unable to hide from enemies, he has limited strength. He can feel pain by electricity. His stamina and strength got reduced when affected by cold.

06. XLR8-

He resemble of semi-armoured Velociraptor. He has black orbs on his feets which helps hepls him to get speed. He has horn like helmet which provides him protection. He has DNA sample of Kineceleran and belongs to Kinet. His helmet is made of skin and his skull part. Whenever his helmet is lifted we can see his blue face, green eyes and black lips. He has five blue linings on his tail and wears black pants. He has omnitrix symbol on his chest. 

In Ultimate alien, he looks similar to thr original series.

In omniverse his shirt colour is green and becomes taller, his shirt covers his neck. He has great speed of 500 miles per hour in 2 seconds. He cannot be seen in slow-mo cameras. He is capable of thinking, acting. He can create tornadoes. His tail is vulnerable and becomes slow on ice and get problems on sticky surfaces.


He has a DNA sample of Arburian Pelarota from the planet Arburia. He looks like a frog with broad shoulders with yellow armor on his back and shoulders and his left over body is white with black stripes on outlines. He has four fingers and his eyes are green.

He has omnitrix symbol on his chest. 

Cannonbolt turns into a ball and he can roll like a ball his back and head fold up like a ball which seems yellow in colour.

In original series he had sharp teeth,yellow eyes and he wore omnitrix symbol on his forehead.

In ultimate alien his teeth are full like humans, his eyes are green in color and he wears omnitrix symbol on his chest.

In Omniverse his eyes are not connected to his shoulders. He has great speed with the help of motorized wheels and he can increase his momentum to run over his enemies. 

He cannot roll over slippery surfaces,he is vulnerable to electricity, vulnerable to shockwaves, he has heat resistance limit and got stick on sticky surfaces.


He has DNA sample of a Sonorosian he belongs to Sonorosia. He is made up of living sound waves. He is small,wears white astronaut type suit made up of silicon. His body looks like an amplifier, he has noticeable MP3 player loaded on his back. He had ports on his legs and cassette tapes like structure. He has green lines inside his mouth which looks like an amplifier, his sonic screams don't hurt him as he wears headphones.

In ultimate alien he wears omnitrix symbol on his chest.

In Omniverse he has rectangle eyes which bulges out, he has earplugs and his legs are stubby with three toes and the green circles on his hands seems big. He had wide head but no more round and wears omnitrix symbol on his forehead.

He has ability to produce hearable to ultrasonic frequencies of machinery,steel. He can create his duplicates and can create a great wall of sound , can jump high. He may seem small but has a lot of powers. He is vulnerable to electricity, pyrokinesis. He cannot move when ice is poured on him, his durability is limited.

09. RATH- 

Rath is a DNA sample of Appoplexian and comes from Appoplexia. He is 9 feet tall and resembles like a tiger of orange colour, his claws comes out of his both wrists and palms. He is muscular with green eyes and black stipes on his shoulders, collars ,back and thighs. His jaw and chest are white in color his foot are also white. He has no tail and has omnitrix symbol on his chest. 

In omniverse he looks similar to Ultimate alien but seems more muscular and has long eyebrows black coloured and furs looks more dark.

He argues with everyone and shouts endlessly and needlessly. As resemblance to his name he remaines in anger. He has enhanced strength, agility, jumping, durability and wall scaling. He can balance him and has great speed, has sharp teeth and has good fighting skills, he can alter his claw size and can produce shockwaves with powerful roar. He has uncontrollable anger issues with low intelligence. He's afraid of water and has sensitive hearing and nose. He is vulnerable to magic and has durability limit, he has personality disorder.


He is omnitrix's DNW sample of species Galvanic Mechamorph and belongs to Galvan Prime's moon, Galvan B.

He has green stripped body with black on all over his body. He has a eye on his head, whenever he talk that glows. He is made up of Nanites which are billions of small cell like creatures.

In original series his stomach portion is white and has omnitrix symbol on his chest. In ultimate alien his stomach is green coloured with black patterns and he wore omnitrix symbol on his chest.

In Omniverse he is muscular and hus patterns changes and has omnitrix symbol on his eye. 

He is neither solid, liquid nor gas. He is gelatinous. He cab reshape himself like liquid accordingly. He can pass through anything by making void in his body. He js extremely flexible. He can change his body structure according to the structure of other things or aliens. He has DNA programme with blue print of each and every alien. He has space survivability and has enhanced strength. He can also form spikes nad tentacles.

He is sensitive to electromagnetic pulses and has regeneration limit, as like all other aliens he is also vulnerable to electricity and has elasticity limit as well.


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