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Plot Of Death Note Is Scary ?

Plot Of Death Note Is Scary


It is a Japanese Manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and embellished by Takeshi Obata. The Plot follows Light Yagami a teen genius who got a mysterious notebook by an incident named "DEATH NOTE" which belongs to Shinigami Ryuk which gave its user a super natural power to kill anyonw whose name is written by its user on its pages. This series focuses on Light and his frequent attempts of using Death note to carry out a worldwide killing of those who are criminals and worse elements of society to form a crime free world and he uses a very terrible name 'KIRA' and on the other side and elite Japanese police task force whose incharge was an enigmatic Detective 'L' who tries to stop Light from doing so. 

●Death note was seen jn Shueisha's manga magazine weekly Shonen Jump from December 2003 to May 2006. It has 108 episodes those were collected in Tankobon Volumes.


In Tokyo, there was a student of high school named Light Yagami, one day he was sitting in school premises ground suddenly he saw a book dropped fron sky and he picked it up and looked the name was 'DEATH NOTE' which was mysteriously black in colour which has supernatural ability which gives its user to kill anyone just by remembering the target's name and face. 

●Initially Light was not afraid by its powers then he thought of killing  the esteemed criminals of Japan and then his next targets were international criminals. After getting the notebook a 'Shinigami' whose name was 'Ryuk' meets light. Ryuk was the previous owner of Death Note. Ryuk was a invisible monster and he is visible to only the person who was having death note. Then he tells Light that he has dropped the book because he was getting bored of using Death note and now when light got the book he is  enjoying his actions.

After all this when the criminals around the worls started getting killed or die from heart attacks or unexplainable accidents global media and investigation departments suggested that this serial killing is done by a single mastermind. Light uses a terrific name 'KIRA' to kill criminals just to set up a terror in the hearts of criminals. The meaning of Kira is 'Killer'. When whole world was in trouble, interpol requests for the appointment of an enigmatic Detective whose name was 'L'. 

●After finding that Kira is from Japan, L plays a trick to specify that Kira is from Kanto region, he manipultes Kira to kill a criminal. Then in rage Light vows to kill L. Later on L found out that Kira has internal information of Japanese Police Investigation which was led by Light's father 'Soichivo Yagami'. In suspicion that Kira can be the family member of any of officer, L appoints a team of FBI agents to look up families of those taking part in this investigation and later on L starts doubting Light as the Kira. In all this time Light graduated from high school to college. L appoints Light into Kira Task Force and they both tries each other to reveal any information.

●While all this happening death rate wasn't stopping, even sometimes Light skipped killing but the deaths weren't stopping. Later Light found out that there is another death note from another Shinigami whose name was 'REM', which he has given to an actress-model Misa Amane. Misa had made a deal with Rem for Shinigami eyes, which gave the powers to kill anyone only just by knowing or remembering the face, on the sake of this she had been cost her half lifespan. When initially Light was killing criminals, Misa found it fascinating and she has became a very big fan of Light and later when Light find her out she confessed that she loves him, they both came in relationship. 

●Now L starts suspecting both Misa and Light. And due to childish behaviour of Misa, L find out that she is having some secrets and later Misa reveals the Light's original identity as Kira, but Light has some other plans, then Light made a decision of knowing the real name of L. On the other side L tricks Misa and got to find that Misa is likely to be second Kira and detains Misa.

Rem threatened Light that he has to save Misa otherwise he would kill Light. Light made a plan that would led Misa and Light to lose their memories about death note and later on Rem would pass Death note to a self dissolves and immoral person.

●Rem passes death note to 'Kyosuke Higuchi' he has his possession on Yotsuba Group. Now the memories of light about death note has been erased, now Higuchi started killing his competition company owners. Light joins the investigation with L and find out Higuchi's identity and arrested him. Light regains his memories when  touches the death note and kill Higuchi using death note. When Misa regains her memory light said to her to start killing as kira once again, it was Light's plan so that L would suspect Misa. While light was heading and instructing the investigation Misa was arrested and executed. 

●Rem realized it was all Light's plan to make a sacrifice so that Light can kill L, as a shinigami cannot kill other's to prevet a human's death. Rem kills L, light obtains Misa's death note. Here we got to know that Rem started loving Misa. The task force didn't leak the information of death of L and all the officers agress that light would be the new head as L, the investigation continues but now the crime rates has decreased and now he doesn't have any danger of getting caught.

●After four years, things mould in such a way that Kira was getting praised more and more. Now on the other hand two young persons got skills, potential and intellectuality of becoming successors of L, their names are Near and Mello. Years ago L was dead and this position was given to light. Those two persons has suspicion on Light as their main suspect. Mello has wide relations so by those he planned with mafia and kidnapped Light's sister and in the rescue mission of his sister light's father wad killed. Now the doubt shifts to Misa, so light transfers Misa's death note to a big supporter of Kira his name is Teru Mikami. Later on he appoints Kiyomi Takad who was a newscaster now working as A Kira's public spokesperson. Now Mello suspects Takada that he's connceted to kira anyhow and in suspicion she kidnaps him. She later on solves this rid and found out a connection between Mikami and Kira. Now a meeting was arranged between Light and current Kira Task force members. Light attempts to kill mikami and all the task force members, but mikami's death note didn't work, his death note was been replaced with a bait. When Mikami write down the names they all mull over it and only light was missing, which is the proof that light is the Kira. Light got badly wounded in the scramble and he begs Ryuk to write down name of every person present over there. 

●Instead of writing everyperson's name Ryuk writes the name of Light, before dying Light vows and declared himself the god of this new world. 

●After three years, Near got the promotion and is now working as new L, now he got the  information that a new Kira has been appeared. Near got to know that new Kira is also killing people, he got thw conclusion that the new Kira is a noob, that person is nothing but just an attention seeker. Near left this case saying it as 'boring' and not worth attention. 

●On the other part a shinigami named Midora talks to Ryuk and gives him an apple from human area, in a bet that can a human again become the new Kira. After the Near's announcement Midora loses the bet because the human wrote his own name on Death Note after Near declaring new Kira as boring. Ryuk said to Midora that Light has set up an milestone that no human can ever surpass him (LIGHT) as the Kira ever.


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