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10 Most Powerful Legendary Pokemons And Their Powers Explained

10 Most Powerful Legendary Pokemons And Their Powers Explained


Pokemon world is full of mysterious pokemons, in this world there are very rare pokemons and are unique, mysterious and powerful in their own way they are are magnificient and these are called Legendary Pokemons some of them are enough powerful to destroy the world of pokemon some of them are capable of travel through the dimensions and space and probably you are unable to find the gender of some legendary Pokemons

01.Mega Rayquaza

This is the most powerful legendary Pokemon in all legendary Pokemons. This Pokemon has two nature Dragon and flying. This Pokemon is not an evolve Pokemon but Rayquaza can evolve into a Mega Rayquaza form only when he knows Dragon ascent. There is no other legendary Pokemon who can bear his Dragon Ascent, But the fact is that Mega Mewtwo is the only Pokemon who can give a tough competition to Mega Rayquaza Mega Mewtwo is made by scientists and is the god of psychic power if these two legendary Pokemons tie up they can destroy whole Pokemon world signature Move of Rayquaza is Dragon Ascent and signature move of Mewtwo is Psystrike.

02. Primal Groudon

Primal groudon is the very powerful Pokemon it is said that Groudon and create a new piece of land with its one foot step and can brought droughts and also volcano eruption it is look like dinosaur and his first appeared in 3rd Generation he has two nature Ground type and Fire type. Primal Groudon is not evolve form of any Pokemon and is not going to evolve in any other. He has full control on land and volcanoes. He is a part of super Ancient Pokemon. Kyogre is his main Rebel rival their battle is very interesting his signature move is precipice Blades.

03. Primal Kyogre

Kyogre is a water type legendary Pokemon whise appearance resembles Shark/Whale and it was introduced in Generation 3rd. Being a water type Pokemon, kyogre possess water type powers and abilities. Kyogre also possesses the ability to expand the oceans. If Kyogre gets the hold of Blue Orb, he can undergo Primal Reversion and can become Primal kyogre. Kyogre is the only Pokemon who can use unique more as origin Pulse. His calm and peaceful nature is disturbed only when he confronts rival Groudon Kyogre is the saviour for drought areas as he control over the natural elements water and rain Kyogre major appearances are seen in anime movie of Hoopa and the Clash of Ages and Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of Sea.

04. Zygarde 

This pokemon appearance is in three parts first with 10% from it has appeared in sun and moon, with 50% form it has appeared in X and Y and last with 100% complete form in sun and moon his nature  is of two type Dragon and Ground Zygarde has two main parts named as Zygarde core which function as mind of Zygarde and Zygarde cells which is make Zygarde cells, which is make Zygarde unable to think and fact is that these two components of Zygarde are not used by him in battle Zygarde with 100% form is the most powerful form of him he jas not only one signature move but has four signature move i.e Land's Wrath, Thousand Arrows, Thousands Waves and Punisher which makes him one of most power legendary pokemon.

05. Kyurem

His nature is of two type Dragon and also Ice. He is first appeared in Generation 5th. This pokemon is not an evolve form of anyone and neither it is going to evolve in any other Pokemon. It has two forms of White Kyurem and Black Kyurem. It is like impossible for Kyurem to be in two forms at the same time. These two forms are his powers. When he is in the form of White Kyurem he has legs covered with ice tail of Kyurem is like Zekrom and his tail can movement and has four holes. These holes are horizontal on White Kyurem and are in vertical on Black Kyurem. Signature move of this Pokemon is Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt.

06. Lugia

Lugia is a dual type which consists Psychic and Flying type legendary Pokemon which was introduced in generation 2nd. Lugia appearance resembles to a dragon or a bird. Lugia's body has many hard scales that protect it from attacks. Lugia also leads the legendary Birds. Lugia's also known as Guardian of the seas. It possess the ability and powers to control the weather and storms. It's unique move is very rare known as Aeroblast. The appearance of Lugia is a movement in itself. It is appearance is held in movies like The Power of One, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.

07. Giratina

First appearance of Giratina in 4G it os said that Giratina line in a opposite world to us. He is Similar to Dragon, he has two large horns lies on each arm side. He has two form alter and origin form which decides the battle when Giratina is in alter form it become defensive and when is in origin form it became offensive  because  of these two forms it become powerful. Giratina is able to travel through dimension and space and also able to control  them. In it's origin form he can travel through dimension. Giratina is always in aggressive mood which makes him more dangerous and his signature move is Shadow Force.

08. Dialga and Palkia

Dialga and Palkia are the two number of the creation Trio. Creation trio is the group  of three legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh Region which includes Giratina, Palkia and Dialga. The creation trio was created by the Arceus(original one). Every number of Creation Trio has unique powers. Dialga has control over time whereas Palkia has control over space. Palkia is  water and Dragon type legendary Pokemon who was introduced in generation 4th. Whereas  Dialga is Steel and Dragon type legendary Pokemon of same Generation Pakia has the  power to travel faraway places or it can even travel to other dimensions whereas Dialga can work time and it can speed up or down or can stop the time Dialga ka is known as Roar of Time.


This Pokemon has two type abilities Dragon and electric and Zekrom is appeared in 5th Generation. Zekrom is not an evolve form of any Pokemon and neither it is going to evolve in any form this Pokemon is look like a Dragon with Black Color. He is the most powerful electric Pokemon and it has a tail which helps him to create an enormous amount of electricity which makes his electric attacks more powerful it has sufficient electricity to destroy the world once Zekrom made Pikachu unable to make his electricity moves and this create a huge loss to Pikachu when. Zekrom again zapped Pikachu from lightning bolt then Pikachu is able to make his electric move. Signature move of Zekrom is bolt Strike.

10. Ho-Oh

First appearance of this legendary Pokemon is in Second Generation. This Pokemon has two type abilities fire and flying. This Pokemon is look like phoenix and peacock feathers are gold and red in colour it has stripes on his neck which is green in colour this pokemon has enormous powers and he is so beautiful his attacking and defensive moves both are magnificent.Ho-Oh  has the ability to alive the dead pokemons with new powers and abilities. He has mysteries powers and due to these powers and his powerful wings which create bright rainbow in the sky he is known as guardian of the sky his most powerful and can say a signature move sacred fire.

These are the most powerful Legendary Pokemons the list is based on the powers, abilities, anime power.


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