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12 Strongest Villains Of The Anime Verse


As a kid we all must have watched and anime movies or or anime series and Surely we all would have thought that's how powerful power lead actor is and there is no one who can match with their power. But as we all grew up realize that heroes are nothing but some special people with some special abilities to save people nature and many more. But balance have a another they are always cool dashing and even attractive and villains are only person who makes these and I am interesting. 

So here we have chosen 12 best villains of anime verse -

01. BEERUS {Dragon Ball Super}

We cannot even imagine anyone other than him on this list of best villains. So many of you people can argue that he isn't a best villain but the matter of fact is that his entrance has shown like a a poor entry but he could have destroyed everything. He may destroy Earth and its natives.

We would later watch the dangerous clash between Goku and Beerus, because with the end of Dragon Ball super its climax is still pending.


Here we met our another great villain whom we have seen with much cool fights. She is the most powerful character from the shinobi world. The matter of fact that can't be ignored is that she had led to the birth of The Ninja. But due to some reasons we have seen that she doesn't shift to her full powers and potential.

03. YHWACH {Bleach}

The defeat of bleach is something very disheartening that each and every shonen fan doesn't want to talk about. The bad thing about his eventual death and this series is that the impact full villain like him had to be scripted out quickly which is a matter of utter shame.

He was the son of soul king and proud father of all Quincy.

The abilities of Yhwach word count less. If this series would have went longer bleach would have been a impenetrable villain in each and every aspect of the world.

04. MADARA UCHIHA {Naruto}

Yeah, the one of the most Prime villain in shonen history. We can surely bet if someone claims to be the lover of animes cannot deny that he doesn't know Madara.

He was the one of the renowned shinobi of his time. He gained a villain reputation just for his mercilessness. Keeping aside that his NINJUTSU and GENJUTSU were on totally different level. And the matter of fact is that is absorption of the six path technique made him nn vulnerable villain. He couldn't have been defeated ever if he would have not been betrayed by Zetsu.

05. GILGAMESH {Fate Series}

His appearance in most of entries in fate series is completely dashing. Gilgamesh is Shirley a force to be accepted with . His pragmatic and tender attitude is the remembrance of many overconfident antagonist whom we have watched in all Anime verses. But unlike most of the villains he doesn't only talk he took actions. 

His fate of Babylon technique always hold him to spellbind any weapon he wants so easily. He can break reality marble using the sword of rapture - no one can ignore this Harsh use of it.

06. FATHER {Full Metal Alchemist}

Power is a subjective thing that vary e across the course of different frictional Worlds. However there are only a few powers that can match the gods - It was really something father has achieved.

 It was all due to the sacrifices he made close to the end of series. He Rise Above and ends up disobeying of nature. The firm laws of Alchemy doesn't applied to him anymore which allows him to do whatever he wished of without even thinking of repercussions.

07. FRIEZA {Dragon Ball Z/ Super}

He is one of the powerful and most prominent and esteemed villains in history he has took stand to the test of time and still a convincing villain at present time. We had for got him Toriyama pulled a fast one and gave him unique form which makes him are acceptable powerful force.

08. AIZEN SOSUKE {Bleach}

We all could be in some trouble thinking how could someone who is a villain could ever do something good. Yeah here we came to know about Aizen Sosuke who is a best example and the character who has done both works. Is heel turn is also the most remembered think of and I am history. And we cannot talk about aizen without mentioning his unreliable bankai that quip reality as we know it. It took a insurmountable effort from ichigo to took out his threat an iconic effort which come at the cost of his powers oh,Shinigami powers.

09. MARSHALL D. TEACH {One Piece}

One piece has so many good villains who have been a great problem Luffy and his cohort of Pirates. But no one could match the Stark powers gained by Marshall. He is popularly known as blackbeard in the world of one piece. 

He alone is the only person in world to have power of 2 devil fruits not one. This boosts him in the list of powerful Badass characters. And we would get more interest after watching the Clash between him and Luffy.

10. BOROS {One Punch Man}

So many of our viewers would surely get surprised after watching his name in this list because you would have surely know that there's no antagonist in one punch man who could even hope to hold himself for a second in front of Saitama's vast power. However dear viewers you might have forgot one important thing about borrows that he was only the one who was able to bear the burnt off Saitama's destructive punch. And the matter of fact is that his powers work so uploadable that he forced Saitama to get more serious for the second and through a super serious punch - it was the thing we haven't seen in this series.

11. BEAST TITAN {Attack on Titan}

He is one of the most sinful people of this list, the sheer power this beast Titan old nothing to surprise at. He is enormous in size and has too much destructive power. 

He is also good sometimes the of this beast Titan form is Zeke Yeager He has super powers and ability to turn back normal being an non dangerous humans or to titans as well.


Hey viewers, just imagine you are having a lot of money say infinite amount of money in your disposal and you have no idea how much it is full stop and there is only one thing on which you want to spend your money and it is not a materialistic stuff instead of that it is powers which would increase by every single money you spend and you are spending money and it is increasing. 

Francis Scott story of history and his past is sad and very tragic that makes you viewers empathize with this villain who was the leader of the American organisation known as the guild.

We know that some of our viewers would be hoping some names of their favourite villains but we are really sorry for that but Believe us that the above given villains are person of varied character,thoughts and powers. You viewers might have some other names so let us know in our comment box.


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