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All 9 Titan Shifters And Their Power Explained

All 9 Titan Shifters And Their Power Explained


The Titans are the antagonists of the anime/manga series Which named in the western world as Attack on Titan. Within the Attack on Titan universe, these human like monsters are fighting toys controlled by a Driver or can says a Pilot to whom we called Shifter, and used these monsters to afraid the city and to control them. Ymir Fritz Was first woman who become Titan Devil Earth gave the power of Titan to Fritz. She can contact Devil of Earth anytime after 13 years from this incident Ymir life goes to end and her soul got broken into 9 Titans which named as 

Founding Titan, Armored Titan,  Attack Titan, Beast Titan, Cart Titan, Colossus Titan, Female Titan, Jaw Titan, War Hammer Titan.

01. War Hammer Titan

Current inheritor of this Titan is Eren Yeager his height is still unknown. Main weapon of this Titan is Hammer, he has still not appeared in Anime Series he might be the strongest titan in Titan Sisters he has many abilities first of them is war hammer he can make any weapon by his choice and all the weapons are made of hardening ability and he also made Cross bow his another ability is Remote operation due to this he can shift his control centre that means no need of inheritor his operator can make titan form from any organ.

02. Beast Titan

His Height is 17 m his inheritor is Tom Ksawer he has not any special abilities but his inheritor has Royal Blood and this is why Beast Titan are enough powerful because they can use powers of founding power, he have special ability like founding titans they can make other persons titan by their crying and can control anyone these abilities he got due to his inheritor Tom Ksawer because he is royal blood beat titan has another ability them any other titan and that is powerful throwing through this Beast Titan can throw heavy to heavy things very far and his hit is also perfect and his big hands are much powerful to throw anything he also has harden ability he can control all other titan with the help of Royal Blood of his inheritor

03. Cart Titan 

His height is 4m he is smallest in all titans but due to his small size he is very fast in all titans and his height is also a major drawback in battles but the bearing power of this titan is supreme he is the only titan which can stay in his titan form very long time and he can battle for long time also in Manga series The Cart titan had work for 2-3 months without any tired so you can imagine his bearing power another major drawback of this titan besides his short height is if a titan stay in his form for very long time then it affected it’s inheritor. This Titan is only titan who can walk on four legs and can carry loads on his back such as cannon his defence is too weak, inheritor of this Titan is Pieck.

04. Jaw Titan

This titan jaws are powerful he can crush cannons through his jaws now you can imagine how powerful jaws of this titan it can finish anything by his jaw only in one bite in fact the armor of Armored Titan can be crushed through his jaws height of titan is 5m this is the titan due to his short height and sharp and he is too fast inheritor of jaw titan is Ymir, those persons having the power of Jaw Titan have the great abilities of speed and are very agile in their Titan Form.

05. Attack Titan

Attack Titan is said to be mysterious titan because his is null in anime series but in manga series his name is Attack titan current inheritor of this titan is Eren year who got his powers from his father his height is 15m this titan is popular as symbol of humanity this titan only wants liberty and fight for liberty and he has not any ability but due to his inheritor he got many abilities such as powers of founding Titan, hardening ability and all these abilities he got due to Eren Yeager despite being not any ability he is the one who broke armor of armored titan and his attacks are very powerful and this attacking mode of the attack Titan become disadvantage in defensive attack because he only focus on attack, through the ability of hardening and attacking mode he defeat Armored Titan.

06. Female Titan

Initially it’s like impossible to found a titan which is female so everyone shocked when female titan is introduced his height is 14m inheritor of this titan is Annie Leonhart her one of most supreme ability is she is best in hand to hand combat in all other titans and she is very fast also she has also a abilities of titan attraction which help her to attract any titans and her another ability is hardening ability her hardening ability is as strong as Diamond Annie Leonhart use this hardening ability many times to defend herself Attack on Titan walls are also made up of those material through which Annie Diamond shield is made up.

07. Armored Titan 

His named define him  his whole body is covered by Armor his armor is very tough cannons are useless on his armor one of the main disadvantages of his armor is that it is very heavy due to this heavy weight he cannot run at his full speed armor of this titan makes his attack very powerful his height is 15m  inheritor of this titan is Reiner Braun, he has ability of Armored Skin. Similar to the Female titan he has also the abilities to using crystal like hardening around its body and protect himself from any maneuvering hit of Titan and can also create claws in hands and in feet as its ability.

08. Colossus Titan 

Height of this titan is 16m which makes him tallest  titan than all others inheritor of this titan is Armin Arlert she gain her power from Bertolt hoover due  to his tall height colossus titan is very slow despite  being slow you con not underestimate his power when he touches the great wall [Behind these wall peoples  feel safe from Titans], the wall got cramps by touching of this titan and he broke the wall in just one kick he has many abilities such as Explosive Transformation all the titans have their unique way to transform but this one has a different when Bertolt Hoover transforms then during transformation he has abilities to control energy of titans and while transforming it explodes like Nukes next ability of this titan is Steam Emission it can create an enormous amount of steam from his body this ability proved as disadvantages many times when he use this ability muscles of this titan evaporates only the skull is remained and whole body evaporates.

09. Founding Titan

Founding titan height is 13m because this is a founding titan so he is among one superior titans than all other. Inheritor of this titan is Eren Yeager who got all powers of founding titan, power of founding titan is transferred from one person to other in a Reiss family founding titan has many abilities which makes him very powerful ability of this titan reached to its zenith while crying which means founding titan can make people titan only in one loud crying now you can imagine how powerful this titan is ? Through this ability king Fritz made many peoples titans, he can control other titans also through this controlling ability King Fritz control many Colossus Titan. To use the coordinate power of founding titan one must have royal blood. Power of Founding Titan can also manipulate memories.

Here are main 9 Titans which was broken from the soul of Ymir all Titans have a unique power they are not strong equally, in the case of power their user is also powerful. There are so many powerful characters in  the anime series Attack On Titan, with some of the strongest being titans themselves. Though there are many normal and abnormal titans but there are only nine shifters.

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