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All Current Hashiras Of Demon Slayer Corps & Their Powers & All Abilities Explained

All Current Hashiras Of Demon Slayer Corps & Their Powers & All Abilities Explained


The Hashiras are the strongest Demon Slayers of all time. Hashiras are the Pillars of Demon Slayer Corps. They are the strongest warriors under the direct control of Kagaya Ubuyashiki. In order to become a Hashira any Demon Slayers has to kill one of the Twelve Demon Moons or 50 defeat alongside the intense training- Hashiras continuously search for their successors so that their developed techniques may be passed on to generation as the Twelve Demon Moons are much strong that they can also kill Hashiras.

1. Giyu Tomioka 

Giyu Tomioka is one of the best Demon Slayer and the Water Pillar of Demon Slayer Corps. He is a very powerful and fine swordsman and he has defeated the Father Spider Demon and one of the lower moon fire:- Rui he has also hold the fort against the upper moon three "Akaza" who was responsible for the death of Kyojuro Rengoku. Giyu is one of students of Sakonji Urokodaki (Former Water Hashira). Breath of water style technique was taught to Giyu by Sakonji Urokodaki which leads the Giyu to increase the amount of oxygen in his blood which results in the strength and agility's tremendous increase Giyu knows all of the Breath of Water style techniques and he has developed a new eleventh technique known as "Dead Calm" on his own


2. Misturi Kanroji

Misturi Kanroji is the current love Hashira, a Demon Slayer one of the Demon Slayer Corps. Being Emotional and Passionate person who constantly compliments people she is known as "The Hashira of Love" as a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, she is a very powerful swordsmen. Misturi combat style is based on "Love". Her Demon Slayer mark has two hearts and angle wings awakening her mark her physical strength, speed, endurance increased dramatically. She uses the love breathing which is developed by experience using flame breathing. Misturi knows all six forms of Love Breathing, she weilds the sword known as "Love Sword" and she possesses the fastest techniques due to strong suppleness of her blade.


3. Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro, the current Snake Hashira, Snake Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps is one of amongst the all mighty Hashiras besides all of this, he is very strict, harsh and has a strong sense of completing his duty and following all orders thoroughly. Obanai's main ability is the use of "Breath of the Serpent" It is a breath style that focuses on twisting and bending the sword. He has mastered the "Serpent Breathing" and knows all of the five form of Serpent Breathing which includes:- 

First Form:- Winding Serpent Flash 

Second Form :- Venom Fangs of Narrow Head 

Third Form :- Coil Choke 

Fourth Form :- Twin-Headed Reptile

Fifth Form :- Slithering Serpent 


4. Sanemi Shinazugawa

One of the strongest Demon Slayer amongst Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa is the Wind Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. Sanemi is the most aggressive, hot blooded among all the Hashiras and his hatred for the demons in on another level. He has honed his skill in toatal concentration breathing resulting in uses of all techniques of Wind-Style Breathing. He has superhuman like strength, stamina and resilence which makes him one of the most powerful Hashira.

5. Gyomei Himejima 

Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps is also one of the powerful Hashira. He also serves as mentor of Genya Shinazugawa who was killed during the battle against Muzan. Gyomei has a hulking figure and one of the tallest Demon Slayer but despite of his appearance he is surprisingly soft spoken and sensitive. Being a Stone Hashira Gyomei combat style is based on stone, Gyomei has honed hos skills to at most level which includes Master Swordsman, enhanced hearing, enhanced physical powers, immense reflexes Gyomei fighting technique is based on stone. He has mastered the Stone Breathing derived from Sun Breathing and know all fine forms of Stone Breathing. 

 6. Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui is the sound Hashira of Demon Slayer Corps. Tengen is vey powerful Hashira, he has a number of astonishing abilities that easily over run Demons. He has fought against the Upper Rank Twelve Kizuki and gave him a hard time while saving others his abilities and powers are of Superhuman level sach as enhanced hearing, resistance to poison, immense speed and reflexes immense strength, tactical intellict and much more he has honed the sound breathing which conbines his enhanced learning and explosive combat style. He weilds the Dual Giant Nichirin Cleavers that are amber in color and are held together at the hilt by a metal chain


7. Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro Tokito is the current mist Hashira and a fine and one of the best Demon Slayer. Muichiro along with his brother Yuichiro are descendants of upper rank one Kokushibo. Muichiro nature is calm and he seem to be a little air-headed who constantly wanders off in thoughts. Despite of looks and his age, Muichiro also excels in numerous abilities. He accomplished the status of Hashira only after a training of were two months his main abilities are all like other Hashiras such as immense speed, reflexes, immense stamina, endurance but with exceptional abilities such as Omnipresent rage and Extraordinary Perception. He has fought the Upper Moon Five Gyokko. Muichiro has mastered Breathing Style in mist which was a deciding factor in defeating Upper Rank Five Giyokko. He has mastered all the seven forms of Mist Breathing and he weilds the standard Nichrin Katana.


8. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho the Insect Hashira of Demon Slayer Corps is one of the best Demon Slayer in the new era. She is younger sister of kanae Kocho and older sister for her adoptive sister Kanao Tsuyuri. She has friendly nature, cheerful but she also despises Demons from the bottom of her heat as her parents and sister were killed by demons. She has some extra and typical but useful abilities along the capabilities of other Hashiras such as medical expertise, poisonous body which comes a far better benefits against the Upper Moon and their leader Muzan. She has honed the insect breathing style and has mastered the four techniques within the Insect Breathing. She weilds stinger Nichirin Katana which she uses to inject poison into demons and kill them instantly or weakened their powers.


9. Kyojuro Rengoku [Dead]

Kyojoru was the Flame Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps but he was killed by the Upper Moon Three Akaza in a Fierce Battle. Kyojuro's mother was Ruka Rengoku his little brother Senjuro Rengoku  and father Shiujuro Rengoku who was also a former flame. Hashira and the master of Kyojuro and Senjuro. Kyojuro is a young adult with beight yellow hair with golden eyes. He is greatly enthusiastic in regard to his duties as he was killed by Akaza while saving others. He also mastered the Total Concentration Breathing enhances his strength, speed, endurance. He used Breath of Flames and mastered all nine techniques of Flames Breath.

The Hashiras listed above are the current  Hashiras except Kyojuro Rengoku who was killed by Akaza ( Upper Moon Three). Therw are many other former Hashiras such as the Grandfather of Zenitsu i.e Jigoro Kuwajima (Thunder Hashira), Kanae Kocho (Flower Hashira), Sakonji Urokodaki (Water Hashira), Shinjuro Rengoku (Flame Hashira) some of these were dead or retired. Those who were alive carry their techniques and breathing styles to their successors.


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