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All Rules Of Death Note , Many Of Them Are Scary ?

All Rules Of Death Note


In fictional universe of Manga and Anime series Death Note, it is a book which has the power to kill      people by just writing their names in it. It has its owner Shinigami also known as Death God. Notebook has a very large list of rules.


Before the story initiates, Ryuk believes that English is most popular language in this world. So, he write down the rules in English inside Death Note. The rules are-

• The person whose name is written on the notebook would die.

• The death would occur only when at the time of writing the name, the person's face is kept in mind. Because there can be so many people having same name.

•The death would happen only when, the cause of death is written within 40 seconds.

•If the cause of death is not specified or cleared then the person would die because of heart attack.

•After the cause of death is written, the whole detail of death must be write down within the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds, it is about 400 seconds.

•Those who are not old than 780 days, the death note won't affect them.

•If the victim's name is misspelled four times, no harm would happen to that person.

•If the death note is stolen, lost or torn up ,if it is not recovered within 490 days then the owner would loose its ownership.


These rules were installed in death note by Light for his convenient, when he got a plan to rescue Misa and himself from the doubt of L. They were written by Ryuk but are completely fake.

• If the owner of Death note does not write anyone's name in note or didn't use note for 13 days, that person would eventually die.

•In any case if the death note is burned , torn up or destroyed, everyone who has touched that Death note would die.

 Both the rules were used as a trick by Light to save death note and himself from the investigation team.

◆ Light wrote the first rule to show the investigation team that the killings has stopped from two weeks and he is imprisoned , he couldn't be the Kira because according to rule he would die after 13 days if he didn't use that death note.

◆Light wrote second rule to prevent the destroy of death note by investigation team.


As we have seen, note has so many main rules for its basic function. So many other rules are there to show how the death note works in combination with other death notes. In the whole series other rules are shown and one of the most important is, 'When the same name is written in more than one note book, the first one written would take affect and work irrespective of time of death.

Thus rule played an prominent role in the series, because L used it to fool Kira from not killing L. Few rules match the rules which were written ny Ryuk inside death note, moat of rules in notebook are not known by humans and even not known by Shinigami too. These rules are revealed in climax of several episodes and volumes. Other rules are to determine what are the limits of using death note. When someone's name is written on Death note and that person is incapable to follow the brief which is written by writer for cause of his death, it cannot push anybody to do something which that person is physically or mentally unable of doing.

Example:- Writer wants the victim to fly whole world and then commit suicide, which the victim cannot do in limited time period like one hour. In such cases the death would be of default type i.e., heart attack. Any material can be used to write name of death note so long as the writing is permanent. Light harms his finger and by blood he write the name of Higuchi on the death note piece which was hidden in his watch, so that nobody would doubt Light.

The rules revealed are not death note rules, inspite of that they are rules of life:-

 •All humans would die without exception.

 •If any human uses death note, they can neither go to heaven or hell.

 •If someone's dead they cannot bring back again to life.

Even Light who declares himself a 'GOD' dies, he cannot save himself.


These rules explained in between eye catches of episodes and in manga. They are not seen but are implemented without being noticed-

•If this note once touches the ground of human world, then it would become the property of human world.

•If anybody suggest or carried a topic, then the person have to tell it to other person.

•If human uses this note, a Shinigami appears in front of that human within 39 days of using that note.

•As we know Shinigami are real owners if death note they cannot undo the death or prevent the death by notebook.

•A Shinigami has no limitation to wholly explain the rules of note or the rules which are going to be applied on the user who owns it.

•A Shinigami can extend his life only by putting human's name consistently on the note, whereas humans can not do so.

•A person can only make his life short by using death note.

•A human who is owner of death note, can exchange his half life and in exchange he can get Shiningami eye balls which gave him power to see a person's name for the remaining life when they look through them.

•There are so many ways to kill a Shinigami, which a Shinigami himself doesn't know, a Shinigami can be killed by stabbing a knife in his heart or by shooting him in his head with a gun.

•Even a single page or the single piece of death note has the power to kill a person juat like the whole death note has.

•The writing substance can be anything like pen, blood, etc. by which names can be writtn directly on Death note and remains readable.

•The original owners of Death note, Shinigami, even they don't know the full rules of Death note.

•You can write the cause of death before writing the name of individual. You must be cautious to later insert the name only in front of cause of death. After writing cause of death you have 19 days to write the name of person.

•Suicide is the main and sure cause of death. In the universe every human has right and ability to commit suicide. It is therefore, a kind of death not unbelievable to think of.

•Death note contains 60 pages and each page contains 38 lines. You can write names as small as you can so that you note won't fill up quickly.

•The death note would not affect those who are under 780 days old.

•Even after the name, time and cause of death is written on death note, the time and cause of death can be changed as many times as you want but only between 6 mintues and 40 seconds from the time it was first written.

•As we have seen above the time and cause of death can be changed but when once the victim's name has been written, the death can never ne avoided

•If you lose, destroy the death note or it is stolen, then you would loose its ownership, if you don't find it under 490 days.

•If you have exchanged you half life with Shinigami eyeballs then you would loose eyes powers as well as memories if you lose the ownership of death note. And the half life which you have exchanged can not be restored.

•You can also lend the death note to another person while keeping its ownership. You can sublet it to another person.

•The borrower of death note would never be followed by a Shinigami. Shinigami always remains with the original owner of death note all the time of his ownership.

•If the owner if death note dies, the ownership of note would be transferred to the person who is holding it at that time.

•If the same name is written on two or more different Death notes, the name on first written note would took effect.

•If in any case Shinigami decides to use death note to kill someone, thee life of that person would be extended, but Shinigami would die.

•And when Shinigami due it would disappear, but the death note would remain. The ownership of that death note would pass to another Shinigami who touches it.

•Shinigami can never tell the humans the names and life spans of person whom the owner of death note wanted to kill.

•The person would lose ownership of death note would also lose the memory regarding the use of Death note by him. He would lose all the memories involving the Death Note.

There are so many rules of Death Note by above given rules are important for understanding the whole series.


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