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All S Class Heroes And Their Powers From One Punch Man


Heroes are the people with super abilities and are divided into many groups whose responsibility is to protect the peoples from monsters and gave them a feeling of secure and safe these association of heroes divided in groups named as A Class, B Class, C Class And S Class according to their performance in strength and an examination today we are going to reveal S Class Heroes [S Class Heroes Considered to be most powerful heroes] when all heroes are defeated by demons then the S Class Heroes rise as a Hope and save the people from tyranny of monsters.

1. Blast( Burasuto)

Blast Burasuto is  the S- Class rank 1 professional Hero of the Hero Association. Blast is a tall man of a muscular build with spiky, graying hair and a slight beard. He wears bulky armor with large shoulder pads, blast has a casual and easygoing attitude as he did not seem to be very bothered by Saitama.

2. Tatsumaki( Tatsumaki :Tornado of Terror) 

Tatsumaki is the S- Class rank 2 professional Hero of the Hero Association. She is recognized as one of the Hero Association’s most powerful heroes. She has an adolescent face with Emarald green eyes and  green hair that naturally curls up on the ends. She is occaisionally in one’s simplistic.

3. Silver Fang(Bang) 

Silver Fang is a professional Hero, a martial arts master, and the creator and teaching of Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. He is the 3rd highest ranked S- Class hero of the Hero Association and is recognized as one of its most powerful heroes. 

4. Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai is one of the top S- Class Heroes. He is regarded as one of the most powerful of them, and the strongest backup hero in the Hero Association. He is also considered Earth's strongest Swordsman.

5. Child Emperor 

Child Emperor is the S- Class Rank 5th professional Hero of the Hero Association and it's youngest Hero. Child Emperor is a teacher and teaches after school Okame- Chan's estimate of child Emperor's strength is 1880.

 6. Metal Knight -Bofoi (Bofoi Hakese)

Metal Knight is also known by his hero alias Metal Knight ( Metarunaito), is the S- Class rank 6th Hero of the Hero Association. He offers many services for the Hero Association such as weapons sponsorship and facility construction.

7. King( Kingu) 

King is actually a normal or ordinary person with np special skills or powers whatsoever, his reputation being only the result of lack of communication and lies.

8. Zombieman

He has not yet revealed the extent of his combat abilities or anything about his personal history. He is one of the few people aware of saitama’s power and is currently aiming to become just as powerful as him.

9. Drive Knight

Drive Knight has long black hair and wears a white mark. His appearance change with his Tactical Transformation. He is very focused on gathering information. Dark Knight dislikes and is deeply suspicious of Metal Knight. He was able to easily defeat a group of Tiger-lurl Mysterious Brings.

10. Pig God 

As we all know that appearance of Pig God is similar to his name. We haven’t seen much of what Pig God can do, but we do know that he eats a lot. From the movement he appeared at the S- Class Hero muting, Pig God was always shown chewing down on burgers and chips.

11. Superalloy Blackluster  

Superalloy Blackluster ranked 2nd is a dark skinned bodybuilder Superhero. Later, it is revealed that he is actually light-skinned, but tanned.

12. Watch Dog Man

Ranked at 12th is a highly efficient and Stoic Hero in a dog costume who is charged with dealing with mysterious beings activities in Q- City. He has a reputation of eliminating every last monster. He makes his appearance at the S- Class muting.

 13. Flashy Flash

Flashy Flash ranked 13th is a feminine-looking, high-Velocity Hero. His two hair ornaments and a Symbol on his look like number signs. He moves at extreme speeds, accurately using his sword on many distant targets at once.

 14. Demon Cyborg

Genos is one of the newest additions to S- Class, providing himself as a hero over and over again. Given his mostly cybernetic body, he isn't held back by pain, allowing him to push his limits to the extreme. 

15. Tank- Top Master 

Tank- Top Master ranked 14th is an athletic, Tank- Top Clad Superhero who leads an army of his brothers who are prone to alleogrance and recklessness, he is level headed, modest, and has a strong sense of justice. 

16.  Metal Bot 

He is also known by his hero name, Metal Bot ranked 15th, is a Superheroes sporting an indestructible Metal Bot and street fighting skills. He is assigned to be the bodyguard of a Hero Association patron Narinki and his son.

17. Puri Puri Prisoner 

He is an openly gay Superhero who provides himself in having a 10000- years sentence for getting grabby with men. He was at rank 16, but fell to 17 after Genos advanced. He power's up in a transformation called "Angel Style".

These are 17 S Class Heroes which are most prestigious Heroes of Heroes association every heroes in this association have different time to which they have to respond the enemies in Different emergency situation at this present time most powerful hero of this prestigious class is Blast Please Share your views in the comment section whom you like the most in this class.

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