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10 Strongest Pokemon Trainers

10 Strongest Pokemon Trainers


There are many trainers in the Pokemon Anime Series When Ash was on a tour of Kanto and Johto regions he faced numerous Pokemon Trainers some of them are Gym Leaders and Fellow trainers these trainers gives a tough competition to Ash in this article we are going to tell you the most strongest Pokemon Trainers in the Pokemon.

10. Iris

Irish is a tomboyish, short tempered girl . Adventure exited her the most she is from Unova. She is a gym leader of Pokemon white and the champion pokemon Black 2 and white 2. Her hometown is village of dragons. She loves to train dragons Iris is also known as “The girl who knows heart of dragons”. She is the strongest trainer in unova. But her bad luck Ash beat her in her own game against her dragon types. Haxorus is a dragon type Pokemon which is owned by Iris. Haxorus also the first Pokemon that Iris revealed to possess. Most of the time Iris is heated she  is hated due to the annoying nature. Is very irritating.

9. Diantha

Diantha is a famous movie star who used to appear in Pokemon X and Y. She is one of the strongest trainers in Pokemon. She can easily beat Iris. Her team consists of level 64 Hawlucha a level 65 tyatrum, a level 65 Aurorus,a level 65 Gourgeist and a level 66 Goodra.

Her hometown is unknown but she comes from the reason of Kalos. She is a 6th generation Pokemon trainer. In the league championship diantha faces Ash Ketchum 2 times in which in first she didn’t have much problem but she would have lost the second battle if Ash and greninja didn’t pass out.

8. Ash Ketchum

Here comes the one of the most loved trainer of Pokemon “Ash Ketchum” in Japan he is known as Santoshi. Ash is the main character of Pokemon anime. He belongs to pallet town , he is from kanto region. Her mother’s name is Delia Ketchum. Ash is the member of the ultra guardians during his time in alola. Ash is the main protagonist of the Pokemon anime. Pikachu, bulbasaur ,charmander,  krabby Paticate are some pokemons that Ash is having in which Pikachu is loved the most. He never caught a legendary Pokemon but he came close to getting some like nebby etc. Ash is having total number of 77 Pokemon. Strongest Pokemon is greninja.

7. Galar gym leaders

The galar league consists of many gym leaders and champions. Raihan is the toughest gym leader in Pokemon sword and shield. Ryan also utilizes A sand storm strategy his sandconda  and gigalith bhoot her ability that cause sandstorm. Agar is bea . She was introduced in 8th generation. She is a specialist in fighting type Pokemon trainer. She only appears in Pokemon sword she has been one of the biggest obstacle for Ash, recently ee overtaking him in ultra Class. Milo ,Nessa, Piers, Gordie, Allister, Opal, Kabu, are some more gym leaders of galar region. Have it Pokemon and each one has different speciality.

6. Alain

Alain appears as main character of mega evolution special side series. He also appears in the Pokemon series xy. He is rival to Ash. His dream is to defeat all mega evolved Pokemon using is mega Charizard x. Alain is brave and strong boy. His bravery helps in every battle. Alainfuefew famous moves are metal claws, psyshock, Meteor mash, Agility, rock slide. Recently he defeated Ash in kalos championship. Bisharp, metagross are some Pokemon that Alian have. Unfortunately he was defeated by lysander.

5. Steaven stone

Steaven has a nominal appearance in advanced generation. He is a skilled trainer who special Aisa in steel type Pokemon. Steaven is the champion of hoenn region’s Pokemon league in Pokemon Ruby ,sapphire Omega Ruby and Alpha sapphire as well as the canonical Hoenn league champion in Pokemon heart gold and soul silver. Steve is that river that can truly challenge Ash ketchum Steel can also challenge Alain. Where is mega metagross almost beat his mega Charizard x despite the type disadvantage only to the battle to be interrupted. Quiz from Mossdeep City. He comes from the reason of Hoenn. Speed is the champion of evergrande city.

4. Tobias

Tobias comes from the reason of sinnoh. He competed in the Lily of the valley conference. He made his debut appearance in league unleashed. He was born in Hoenn. His first Pokemon was mudkip. Tobias name may be taken from the protagonist of the book to book Tobit. He drove a demon with the help of of Archangel, Raphael similar to how Tobias used legendary and mythical Pokemon to win against the the gym leaders and Pokemon league. Unfortunately for him he hasn’t had a chance to legitimately prove himself against to league champions, at least on one screen. He may have a team but he is not having the strategies to beat someone on a Cynthia’s level.

3. Cynthia

Cynthia comes from celestic town of sinnoh region.

She is also a champion of that reason. Cynthia is a powerful Pokemon trainer Garchomp, lucario, nilotic are some Pokemon of Cynthia. Cynthia is the toughest Pokemon champion. But it is shocking her name hasn’t been brought up with regards to the world coronation series cynthia’s grandmother uh runs the Pokemon research lab in Celestic town. Cynthia strong yet a kind hearted person she seems to be ambitious in battles but ultimately accept defeat if she loses often claiming that she enjoys the fun of Pokemon battles rather than meaning she was designed very attractive.

2. Lance

Lance come from the reason of Johto. His hometown is blackthorn city. He is the leader of Kantos elite 4 and the main villain of the yellow chapter. While he is a hero in Pokemon anime. He is a dragon type Pokemon trainer.Prior to Pokemon journeys tlance was  in the Indigo league champions as well as apart of of detective organisation called the G-Men, which played a part in him opening a shiny red gyaarador lysender. Lance is one of the most famous trainer from the Pokemon games.He was also a champion in Pokemon gold and silver. He is known as one of the strongest dragon type trainer.

His latest appearance of course was in the world coronation series finals. Where he challenged Leone for the title of series Monarch but he lost that battle.

1. Leon

Here comes the first place on the list in the winner of that said final match final”Leon” . he is a champion of wyndonm stadium. He has level 62 Aegislash, level 62 Dragaputt , level 63 Haxorus ,level 64 Rhyperior, level 64 Rillaboon and a level 65 Charizard. Leon is region Pokemon league in Pokemon sword and shield. He is number one of the world coronation series ranking with lance at a close number 2. He hasn't had any other real battle though besides the fact the final match and another where he made quick work of Ash Gigantamax Pikachu, the majority of Leon’s team is weak against dark of fairy type Pokemon.

So, Here is a list of those Pokemon Trainers who are Strongest.


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