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Demon Slayer All Arcs Explained Briefly : Demon Slayer All Arcs Summary

Demon Slayer All Arcs Explained Briefly

Demon Slayer all Arcs

Currently there are 11 arcs in kimetsu no yaiba manga .In season one there are 6 arcs Which start from the final selection ends two recovery training arc.Then next arv start from the season 2 Starting with demon train arc.

1.  Final Selection

Final selection is a type of an exam or  we can say entrance exam In which students have to survive 7 nights on mountain top without any outsiders help or any outsider aid.

The mountain is covered with deadly flowers and demons. demons are trapped on the mountain it is very hard to survive on that mountain?.

This final selection arc takes part in its own part off the map behind an invisible wall.In this first arc only five students  survived in seven days in final selection. After a very brutal battle the first arc ends with Tanjiro's slashing the neck of the demon.

2. First Mission

It is the shortest arc off all arcs in demon SlayerSlayer or kimetsu no yiava.this arc is seen in the sixth and the seventh episode of this series.In this arc 10 zero begins his first mission as a demon Slayer his mission was to investigate the disappearance of young girls from a neighboring town while doing this he fought against swamp demon , tanjiro and nazuko both faught against that demon.

Tanjiro figures it out that the man who slaughtered The komodo family end transformed his sister into a demon was none other than muzan.

3. Asakusa Arc

Tanjiro Goes asakusa Tokyo for his second mission with his demon slayer cops or we can say with his team. In asakusa arc tanjiro first  saw muzan kibutsuji .To recover from this situation nuzan played a game he Transformed a man into a demon and flees with his family as tanjiro deals with the new demon. This space attention towards the lady tamayo end a young boy named yoshiro they control the situation and took back tanjiro To his secret house Viet tamayo a demon doctor treats patient by the way yushiro is also a demon. He wants that tanjiro and his cops may eliminate mizan.

4. Drum House Arc

Tsuzumi mansion is the place where drum house arc takes place.in this arc there is a drum demon who is the member of 12 demon moons who has the position of lower moons while he was kicked out for being too weak.The name of the drum demon is kyogi

There are only four episodes of this arc in which tanjiro and nezuka meets Zenitsu Agatsuma and decide to help 2 young children.

In this arc tanjiro faught the drum demon and defeats him and saves the children .

5. Natagumo Mountain Arc

As the name we can clearly understand that this arc takes place at nagumo mountain . in this arc tanjiro and his team head gathers new allies for their next mission.this arc is very long in this arc there are nearly 7 episode.

In this arc demon slayer and nezuka faces the spider demon .this spider demon is also a part of the twelve demon moons.Tanjiro and inosuke  encounter a mountain laced with spider webs and controlled by spider demons.

6. Functional Recovery Training

Basically this arc is a type of training arc in which start from the episode 22 to the final episode 26 of the season first of the enemy in this arc both the demon Slayer are kept under trial by the pilots in this arc nesu has to prove that it can resist herself from eating humans as she usually does.

For their recovery they are kept on butterfly mention As they were injured on their previous mission in which they fought against a spider one nnatagumo mountain.

When tatanjiro Reaches the butterfly mansion he meets Zenitsu and inosuke Who were still under trail at the butterfly mansion.

In their recovery they learned how to concentrate breathings for over 24 hours it is very hard so they took lot of time.

7. Demon Train Arc

There’s a demon named enmu Who want to destroy tatanjiro . So he send a demon to destroy tanjiro.  so that  he can become an upper moon. Kyojuro tells them about the enmu that he has sent a demon to kill tanjiro than he can become an upper moon. Unknowingly he senses the demon and kills him. The whole  group was impressed by this

It was a quite funny moment but no one could figured it out . 

So enmu tries to do something else so he took help from the 5 people in return of help he gives them good dreams and forces them to kill the demon Slayer.

8. Entertainment District Arc

After doing the previous mission tanjiro went back to his village.where tanjiro ,inosuke, Zenitsu went in a trip to find the demons within the city.this arc is about an hour.this are is called the red light district arc.in this arc tanjiro and his team are paired with one of the hashita member.but tanjiro doesn’tbecome a hashira or a pillar. He paired with a hashira just to find the other demons.

9. The Swordsmith Village Arc

In this there is a hidden village where swordsmith live. These swordsmith makes blades fore the demon slayer cops. It’s location is very secret. Even the member of this village wears a mask to keep there identify secret. In this arc there is a war of tanjiro, demon slayer against the upper moon four.

10. Pillar Training

In this arc is the name specify there must be pilot training which is performed by the pillars in this training the demon who does helps them to improve their capabilities. This training is conducted by the hashira this comes in the chapter 53 to 66 it is also very long process.

This training was observed by many demon Slayer As an everlasting trip in hell. May help tanjiro and other demon Slayer to improve their abilities to fought against the demons.

In this training board the enemies can improve themselves.

11. Dimensional Infinity Fortress Arc

The infinity castle also known as dimensional infinity fortress was the lair of the 12 kizuki and the primary location of the infinity castle.

In this arc all the 12 demon moons are introduced.


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