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Why Ash Doesn't Resist Pikachu To Go Inside Pokeball ?

Why Ash Doesn't Resist Pikachu To Go Inside Pokeball ?


Pikachu and the Pokeball both are the symbol of one of the most famous anime Pokemon , you have noticed one thing about Ash’s Pikachu he deny to go inside the pokeball but he is very faithful pokemon of Ash.from the beginning or can say from the first episode, Pikachu always used to sit on the shoulder of Ash instead to go to inside the pokeball not only in one or two episodes in the whole series of Pokemon he deny to enter in the pokeball. Now you are thinking why these trainers put their pokemons inside a cage like pokeballs ? actually these pokeball protect pokemons from the outer unfavourable conditions, protect them from enemy pokeons and gives them a fully restful and luxury ttype life inside these. Whatever the conditions Pikachu always deny to get inside these in this article let’s find out what are the reasons that Pikachu deny to go inside these pokeballs ?

From the Starting of Ash's Journey, Ash's Veu first Pokemon companion was Pikachu,The Electric Type Pokemon. However, Pikachu was not caught by Ash and Ash want to start his career with other Pokemon such as Bulbasaur or Squirtle. Pikachu was one of the Pokemon belonged to Professor Oak and from starting Pikachu was also contained in Pokeball. Circumstances lead the Ash to pick Pikachu his First choice as all other starter Pokemons were taken. On the first trail of getting Pikachu inside the Pokeball, Ash threw Pokeball on Pikachu but to his surprise Pikachu swat away all the Pokeball insisting on remaining outside the Pokeball.

The story of Ash’s Pokémon journey in Episode 1 “ Pokémon - I Choose You!” is the similar to the story of the Nintendo Game Boy videogame. In this version, the Eevee offered to Ash get snatched by the Protagonist, leaving him under the circumstances to chose the newly caught Pikachu that was firstly offered to him by Professor Oak. The Pikachu in Videogame also want to be free from the Pokeball Capturing and want to travel with his Trainer.

Being an electric type Pokemon with mouse similar features, Pikachu's entry in the Anime industry made many fans captivated by him. His popularity was at utmost during his launch and his state of being free from Pokeball also attracted the fans. Mostly due to this reason, creators decide to remain the Pikachu out of the Pokeball Capturing most of the time.

Unbreakable Bond Between Ash & Pikachu

As you all know Ash was not the real owner of Pikachu this is the first reason behind the refusal because Pikachu is still has affection with his real owner that is Professor Oak and there are various theory about this refusal one of them is in the beginning Pikachu is unfriendly with Ash but this is not going to happen all time when they spend time together get to know each other and became best friends later a sparrow attacked on Pikachu at that time Ash shows the real meaning of friendship and a trainer protect the Pikachu and insist him to go inside the pokeball to be guarded from that angry warm sparrow but he denied to so so and give that sparrow a thundershock after this incident they both have a inseparable bond. 

Pikachu Shares His Perception To Ash Towards Pokemons

From this inseparable bond between Ash & Pikachu, Pikachu Also wants that Ash should have the vision to have a look on it's Pokemon from their perception not from as trainer, These are the some reasons due to which Pikachu gave a strong refusal to go inside the Pokeballs In this Anime Series when Ash got some serious injuries and Ash Insist the Pikachu to go inside the ball he refused at that time also and when Ash asked the reason not to go inside Pikachu squeaks “It’s because I always want to be with you.” This is the incident in the anime series which gave his fans a clear explanation why Pikachu doesn’t want to reside in the Pokeball.

So, guys these are some reasons which doesn't allow the Pikachu to enter inside the pokeball hope you liked this article please do tell us is there any reason which doesn't allow him to do so and please tell us your favourite pokemon in the comment feel free to contact us.

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