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Best 10 Anime Couples In The AnimeVerse : 10 Best Admired Couples

Ten Best Anime Couples In The Animeverse

All anime couples are cute yet here is the list of top 10 cute couples or we can say the couples which are liked the most.

1. Kurisu and Osabe

2. Yuuri and Viktor

3. Risa Kozumi and Itani

4. Edward and Winry

5. Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka

6. Babri Tada and Koka Kaga

7. Celty Starluson and Shinra

8. Chiyo Satura and Umetarou 

9. Kamina and Littner

10. Simon and Nia

Let’s know more about them

10. Simon and Nia

Simon and Nia are the character of the anime Gurren Lagann . There love story is very different, as Simon the main character of this anime seems to be very shy sensitive reserved boy. In the beginning he himself get pushed.  Never the less as it goes on and he himself develops extraordinarily Or we can say he develops extremely as he became more confident. Nia , she is also a very strong character of this anime by the way she does not understand the ways of humans. Simon meets Nia on his wacky adventures and taught him the ways of human. Later Simon proposes Nia and they both get married. Definitely that moment was full of emotions.

9.Kamina and Yoyo Littner

Kamina and Yoyo Littner are both characters of the anime Gurren Lagann.

Kamina is a type of playboy , Simon and Kamina left their village for their further journey at their they met a sniper girl. As Kamina is a type of a playboy so he plays his first move towards yoyo. Nevertheless the same feeling is generated in yoyo also and in the 8th episode they also kiss. Therefore they play a fantastic role in this anime. People are truly flattered by this and love to read about them. Even I will say you should also read this Manga or watch this anime. 

8. Chiyo Sakura and Umetarou

Have you ever asked your crush for date out and there might be a unbelievable misunderstanding ever happened. But this anime takes that to another level where you can’t thnk of this. Chiyo is a 10 th standard girl who decided to propose or we can say admire or we can say confess her love towards Umetarou. Yet Umetarou gives her an autograph, he might be confused. After this incident there friendship begans and Nozaki knew that Chiyo loves him yet he never admired. There relationship is a type of a professional relationship. But this relationship is admired by the public.

7. Celty Sturluson and Shinra

Celty Sturluson and Shinra are the characters of the Durarara anime or a manga. It is a very odd series. It captures the life of many in lkebukuro. Basically Celty is a fairy  she is on the search of a head wearing a helmet to cover her headless structure. She went Japan for her treatment to doctor Shinra but she falls in love with him.

By the way Celty can’t talk yet she share her feelings by text . Shinra the doctor treats her as a patient and his feelings towards celty are adorable. We can say that they both are made for each other.

6. Babri Tada and Koko Kaha

Babri Tada and Koko Kaga are the character of the manga or anime Toradora. This show comes with an extraordinary romance which only adults can relate or understand. As many anime pay attention towards highschool relationship , Golden Times shifts the emphasis to those beginning their universities.

After discovering many clubs and classes Banri went to Koko one day.Koko runs a flower bouquet  There relationship is not very fast bur gradually  they warm up with one another’s affection. Banri is fighting against his lost memories. Koko is fighting against the memories of his lost friend at her childhood.

5.Ryuuji Takasa and Taiga Aisaka

Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka are the characters of the anime or manga Toradora. There love square is legendary and they are very cute couples. They are considered as one of the most loved or most famous couples of Toradora Ryuuji is a high school boy having a scary look bonds her with tiny but furious Taiga. It is very bat moment when their crushes don’t return their same feeling to them. Ryuuji helps Taiga and play a part of a shoulder to Taiga .later there relationship gets warm and feelings are generated in them.

4. Edward and Winry

Edward and Winry are the character of the manga or anime Brotherhood. Or might be from Full Metal Alchemist. Romance doesn’tsee anything so it gradually bloom . Specially at the long journey Ed takes. After the accident involving transmutation, Edward , Edward is an Alchemist he decided to travel the world.

Winry is a mechanic . His heart is very big or we can say he is kind hearted. He is crafting an artificial arm that he has lost in his childhood. Throughout the series we See the feelings generating in both of them. Which ends with a proposal or we can say proposal from both sides.

3. Risa Kozumi and Otani

If we want to choose potential lover there are always some boundaries of social rule. Or we can say we have to decide good or bad on the basis of what people think.

In case of Risa and Otani  Risa is the tallest girl in the class and Otani is the shortest boy of the class their looks are quite funny but always remember love is blind. Despite of this problem they doesn’t care for any one because they love each other and no one can change that . We should also learn from this.

2. Yuuri and Viktor

They are the character or the couples that are born to create history. They are the characters from Yuuri on ice. There relationship is a type of homosexual. Yet they care for each other that no one can. there interaction are realistic you can easily relate with them.

Viktor try to give his best to make Yuuri healthy and comfortable. They both fall in love and realize that they can’t survive each other. They need both of them to live. There relationship Rocks in all the series.

1. Kurisu and Okabe

It is a theory that love can’t transcend time and space and trust will bring two people together, no matter what are the conditions or what are the circumstances. This theory can easily applied on the cutest anime couple Kurisu and Okabe. They are the characters of the anime “Steins;Gate”. In this anime there is a group of friends who finds the way to send text messages to the past. Kurisu a scientist who visited Japan for a conference meets Okabe. She is remembered by a text later she gets connected because of mutual love towards science. Later thigs get really serious , Okabe races against the time for his friends life and specially Kurisu, means he has to repeat time again and again to alive Kurisu. There is a scene where the show their feelings by kissing each other.

Hope you find this article mind blowing.


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