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Fairy Tail Best Arcs

Fairy Tail Best Arcs

1.  Tartaros would have been the perfect arc (But unfortunately it wasn't) 

Really, the Tartaros arc has Erza’s worst, most meaningless fight ever. But keeping that aside, it was full of few of the incredible moments in the series. Ultimately, meeting Gray’s father, seeing Laxus devotion to the organization and his friends. Wendy going full-on Dragon Force mode and Lucy ask the heavenly Spirit King.

The entire guild teams up to take on the final fiend. It’s too bad this could never have been the closing arc of the series, as it gives us a ton of divulge and pushes the heroes to their limits. The Alvarez Empire is just a saddening postscript chapter by contrast to this arc.

2.  Edolas gives a surprising amount of depth with Happy and  Carla as exceeds-

When the whole Fairy Tail guild is carried to a world where magic is  in short and even their own magic powers no longer work, things start to look pretty keen. Luckily, the whole guild is made up of people too obstinate to know when to give up. Carried to an alien world, the team of Fairy Tail comes in front with the real beginning behind Happy, Natsu’s loveable talking cat partner, as well as the story behind their companion guild member, Mystogan. They also get to meet parallel universe versions of themselves. These range from amusing for Natsu’s daredevil race car driver Expy to menacing for Erza’s totally evil Expy. 

3.  Avatar came up with tightness with Gray feasibly betraying  the guild-

 Avatar worked as a viaduct from Tartaros to the final Alvarez Empire arc. In it, a class of Zeref worshippers known as Avatar made themselves known as the inheritor of the Balam group. There was some capacity to it, but none of Avatar felt like they were a risk at all to Fairy Tail. The original draw was that Gray had apparently turned his back on Fairy Tail and joined the orthodox cults. Without that, the arc felt like filler.


4.  Emperor Lyon gave permission to Gray to take mid stage over Natsu- 

One of the more underrated arcs came early in the series with King Lyon. Certainly, it's pulled down a little in the first half with Lyon's two subordinate being  tedious in both personality and magic but picks in the latter half. Once Lyon gets intricated, and the story between him and Gray gets untangled it's a quality arc. Few characters gave deep impression to the story as much as Ur did. She hugely made deep impact on three distinguish characters in spite of the fact she was hardly ever on the screen.

5. Alvarez Empire manages to tie up  many loose ends but does so in largely disheartening type-

The final  arc of the main series, the Alvarez Empire story arc has a few weak points. The Spriggan 12 gets publicized up as this indomitable force, yet several of them get cleaned out in comedic and dissatisfactory ways. This arc stands above others firstly because it does binds up many of the mysteries which have been around in the series since day one. However, it does feel somewhat dissatisfying as end series arcs go there aren’t many final power-ups or magnificent wars like fans have become customary to by this point. In contrast to that, the Tartaros arc was conceivably far higher-ranking.

6. Loke gave great depth to the world of heavenly Spirits-

The sixth story arc in the series concentrates on the Fairy Tail guild member Loke. It’s a brief arc that tells the character’s background as a heavenly Spirit and how a being that logically belongs to an whole different world was able to remain in the world of humans i.e earth or so long. As the context is meant to concentrate on Loke, it also gives Lucy her moment in the emphasize. In accordance to giving us a glance into the rules and world of heavenly Spirits, this arc is also one of the first times we got to know how much the Spirits have meant to Lucy.

7. Phantom Lord is the first time things get serious in Fairy Tail-

The Phantom Lord arc is conceivably the first time things get really more attentive for the whole guild. The first few arcs gradually introduced the world of Fairy Tail and set up the character unsteadiness for the main characters. But this arc sees the whole guild under attack by a enemy guild called Phantom Lord. In whole next nine episodes, we get total chaos, with attacks on each other's guild halls and confrontation between varied members of the group. It was the first time fans get to watch just how much Makarov loves for his guild as the teacher and why he’s not the old guy to get messed with.

These are the arcs which are enough to make you fall in love in this Anime please guys do tell us in the comment section which arc you have seen out of these and which arc you loved the most Feel free to join with us or suggest us.


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